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Unwavering Commitment

Wary of proprietary systems in buildings, Kurt Twiford, adopted open, non-proprietary system solutions as a founding principle of Conexus. This is coupled with a rigorous US Army Corps of Engineers commissioning protocol to an unwavering commitment to excellent solutions.

Few systems integrators have been dedicated to this philosophy in building automations as long as Conexus. No programming tools, passwords or software are withheld. Kurt believes that everyone should have the flexibility to choose their system integrators, so that every client is left with the tools necessary to operate, maintain and expend their system independent of a specific service provider or vendor.

Closed systems may be more affordable initially, but they limit who can provide service and can be expensive to maintain long-term. Open systems are a bit more complex to develop upfront, but allow customers to mix and match software and hardware components and freely choose who they work with over time.

Army Corps of Engineers close-out (commissioning) procedures is standard to ensure that every single element of the system is verified to work properly before the project is turned over to the owner. As a result, Conexus projects experience significantly less warranty expenses.

Conexus has a 20+ year legacy of helping clients leverage technology within their building to transform environments and bringing a near-obsessive focus on developing long-term customer relationships.

Kurt Twiford

Kurt Twiford, Founder/CEO

With over 20 years of experience in commercial contracting,

Seth Mills

Seth Mills, Director of Operations

Seth’s aptitude as a team leader in combination with his “do it right” attitude

Kyle Gable

Kyle Gable, Director of Technical Solutions

Kyle spearheaded the service department at Conexus after spending several

Ryan Snyder

Ryan Snyder, Service Manager

Ryan’s experience with Conexus naturally positioned

Rusty Hennessey

Rusty Hennessey, Manager, Facility Management Solutions

As the Manager of Facility Management Solutions at Conexus,

Ava Conexus

Ava, Cultural Ambassador

Ava currently ‘works’ in Leigh and Kurt’s office where she serves