Building Automation in New Castle, DE

Building AutomationConexus ensures your Building Automation System (BAS) is an investment and an asset rather than a cost or expense. An effective BAS optimizes the operation of your New Castle, DE facility by:

  • Reducing energy and maintenance costs
  • Maximizing building comfort and security
  • Automating your operations
  • Freeing up resources for other priorities

Improving Facility Management throughout New Castle, DE

Meeting Today’s Building Management Challenges

Facilities have to account for flexible work schedules, humidity-sensitive processes, concerns about air quality, and higher expectations for both safety and security. Handling these sometimes conflicting demands means integrating sophisticated building control systems in a way that ensures harmonious day-to-day operations.

Conexus has spent more than 15 years designing, integrating, and managing these systems for clients in New Castle, DE. We’d welcome the opportunity to help you overcome the challenges associated with building automation.

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BAS Installation

Conexus specializes in HVAC controls, lighting, access control and security systems. All of the components used to assemble the building automation system are open source making them scaleable in the future. We can design and integrate technologies to control every aspect of your building and give you the tools to manage them effectively and unobtrusively.

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Upgrades, Retrofitting and Integration

BAS technology keeps advancing. A system that impressed building occupants 15 or 20 years ago is probably not up to today’s demands.

That’s why Conexus performs upgrades and retrofits for clients in diverse business sectors around New Castle, DE. If you’re in an older building or taking one over, a state-of-the-art open-source BAS will dramatically improve your facility management capabilities.

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BAS Monitoring

A modern BAS gives you the tools to cut energy costs, improve building security, and optimize occupant efficiency. The BAS can automate these functions but some facility managers want the additional protection and support of active monitoring. They want an expert who can react to alarms and diagnose issues before anyone else is aware of them.

Rather than hiring one expert, clients turn to the team of experts at Conexus for their BAS monitoring. A facility management solution from Conexus includes hosted services, active monitoring, dispatching, and support, to help maximize the ROI from your BAS.

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Energy Management Systems (EMS)

Facility managers are under pressure to optimize the performance of their facilities by reducing energy consumption and costs without inconveniencing building occupants. The answer is to invest in HVAC and lighting management systems that employ the latest sensor and control technologies.

Conexus will integrate the best systems from the most trusted names in the BAS industry to deliver a unified solution that satisfies everyone’s demands.

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Access Control

Whether you’re responsible for offices, retail establishments, educational, residential, leisure, or manufacturing facilities, the safety of those inside can be an overwhelming concern. The right access control system helps keep threats at bay while providing records of who’s on-site at any given moment.

Need zone controls and restricted admission to sensitive sections? An access control system from Conexus can do that too.

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Enterprise IoT for Data Analysis

Conexus Building AutomationBuilding usage and operating data is key to finding and realizing cost-savings. You can spend hours trawling through spreadsheets in the hope of spotting a pattern or trend, or you could use Enterprise IoT technology. Advanced analytical tools can crunch more data in less time, revealing cost-saving opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden.

Working with trusted partners, Conexus can provide IoT solutions that incorporate energy management dashboards and building data visualizations. These tools help facility managers find and act on opportunities quickly–lowering energy and maintenance costs while continuing to meet the needs of building occupants.

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Optimizing Performance Through Modern BAS Technology

Efficient and effective facility management requires an innovative BAS.

For more than 15 years Conexus has been working with New Castle, DE facility managers to control costs while keeping building occupants safe and comfortable.

Find out what BAS services from Conexus could do for you.

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