A lifetime of exploration

An astronaut floating in space with earth behind him

By Russell Kolacek – Application Engineer

When I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut. I dreamed of how it would feel to wear one of those mysterious white space suits. I imagined strapping myself into a rocket and blasting into the atmosphere, leaving a fiery blaze of booming glory behind me. I knew, with every fiber of my seven-year-old being, that one day I would walk on the moon, touch the stars, and come face to face with the heavens …

As I have gotten older, my dreams have morphed, but my passion for relentless learning, experimentation and exploration has only grown. Throughout my life, I have put tremendous value in gathering knowledge. That drive translates into both my personal and professional life.

My time at Conexus has been marked by continuous growth and learning. Kurt Twiford, Founder and CEO, regularly emphasizes the importance of development. Whether it’s culture development, product development, or team development – we are constantly being pushed to expand and challenge ourselves.

Early on in my career with Conexus, I noticed the strong work ethic and dedication of my peers. The men and women who work here are personally invested in the company and I have learned countless lessons from them. The greatest of these is how our individual efforts reflect on each other. My success is the success of my team. My failure is also the failure of my team.
As I look back on my years with the company, I have had the privilege to watch several of my peers transition from bachelorhood to family life. I, too, have transitioned into a husband and father. Now, as my time at Conexus comes to an end, I can whole-heartedly say that this company is an incredible place to build both relationships and a family. It is characterized by faithful integrity and devoted professionalism.

I want to thank our loyal customers and the Conexus team for an exceptional six years. I may not have traveled to the moon, but the journey I have covered so far, has been one of incredible growth and I am truly excited for the road ahead.