Niagara’s Third-Generation AX “End of Life”

The third generation of Tridium’s Niagara platform, AX, will reach its “end of life” on June 30, 2021.

This means that on July 1st, the following will automatically go into effect:

  • No Legacy JACE hardware replacements
  • No AX downgrade and license changes
  • No moving or replacing licenses unless there is an active SMA
  • No AX software downloads
  • No Security updates for JACE 2, 3, 6 and 7
  • No AX version upgrades

While your current AX (or R2) platform will continue to run after July 1st, keep in mind that support will be non-existent—and you’ll be taking on a major security risk as your AX system will be vulnerable to a wide range of security issues.

Like many things in life, the AX platform has run its course, and more advanced and secure systems are now available. 

The good news is that you can avoid the security risks and lack of support by upgrading your current AX system to N4, which is relatively easy and cost-effective

At Conexus, we’ve been installing the N4 platform on our customer’s systems since 2015. If you…

  • Took advantage of our AX to N4 upgrade offer in 2020
  • You’re a Conexus customer who has had a system installed since 2015

…then you don’t have to worry about the “end of life” for AX since this doesn’t apply to you. Your current system will continue to work after June 30th and you’ll get the same stellar support from Conexus.

Improved Features and Security

Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance in this day and age. New hacks and exploits are continually released into the wild for hackers to use.

Here are some of the features and security benefits that you’ll get from upgrading your current AX system to N4:

  • Cutting Edge HTML 5 interface – No need for browser plugins or special apps.
  • Security by default – Cybersecurity is built-in by default and allows better control of security. A new security dashboard shows you where you can improve on securing your systems. Role-based user access control. Signed jar files for improved security.
  • New and improved user interface – UX HTML 5 graphics for most modern browsers. No need for plug-ins or special apps. New options for mobile responsive graphics to access your system from almost any internet-connected device and modern web browser.
  • Dashboards – The new dashboard services allow you to create user-specific dashboards tailored for each user to access important information.
  • Improved historian with new line and bar charts – Easier to view and understand charts with status information and scalable charts for live and historical data.
  • Support for modern data analysis and analytics by tagging data with standard tagging models such as the haystack tag model. Supports custom tag dictionaries providing flexibility for your unique needs.   

Upgrade Your AX System to N4 Before Time Runs Out

At Conexus, we can help you extend the life of your current BAS system by upgrading it from AX to the N4 platform. The upgrade is relatively simple and cost-effective. Click below to learn more!

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