Treat everyone like they are your grandmother

A Conexus team members family

Christopher Boyd – Account Executive

“Treat everyone like they are your grandmother.” These are the words my father told me the day I started my first internship in 2006. They have stuck with me ever since he said them 12 years ago, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, have come to take on a different meaning. Recently, a few members of the Conexus team lost their fathers and fathers-in-law. Seeing my co-workers deal with these losses encouraged me to reflect on my dad’s simple advice and all the other lessons he has shared with me throughout my life.

When you give your word, keep it. (Keep your promises)
My father has always been big on honesty (who isn’t). He always says when you give your word, keep it.
Keeping your promises and commitments – in and out of the workplace – is something we take seriously at Conexus. If we say we are going to do something, we do it. If we don’t do it, well, see below.

Own up to your mistakes (Take ownership)
Nobody is perfect, right? One of the other core values my father taught me was to own up to my mistakes. He always says no one does everything right 100% of the time, but what separates the strong from the weak, is the ability to own up to your mistakes.
I am proud to say that we practice this at Conexus. We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect each of us to take ownership. Sometimes that means having a tough conversation when you’ve let someone down or when someone has let you down. We own the good … and the bad.

Always put others first. (Care about each other)
My father was a guidance counselor for 25 years. His passion was helping others, more specifically, kids and young adults. In his spare time, he did a ton of work in the community through organizations he was passionate about. He always put others first.
His example helped prepare me to be a part of an organization where this kind of thinking is important. Our team sincerely cares about their fellow man – whether that is our co-workers, our community or our customers. Being intentional about how we treat each other is what makes us who we are.

As a father of three, I truly hope that I can impact my children’s lives as much as my father has mine.