Upgrading a Trane BAS to Tridium

upgrading a Trane BAS to Tridium gives you insightful intelligence and analytics to energy usage reports

Legacy Trane BAS systems often struggle to meet the demands of modern equipment and buildings. The longer you put off an upgrade, the more issues and challenges you’ll encounter. From tenant comfort to a more efficient system, there are many valid reasons for upgrading to a Tridium BAS system.

When you migrate from your closed Trane system to an open Tridium one, you’ll gain access to a wealth of advanced technologies and be able to run any piece of equipment regardless of manufacturer. Advanced analytics and reporting will allow you to make more informed decisions to improve tenant comfort and increase energy efficiency.

Benefits of a Tridium BAS Upgrade

Your current Trane BAS is considered a “closed” system in that it can only work with Trane brand equipment. When you upgrade to an “open” Tridium system, you’ll gain the ability to integrate non-Trane equipment that offers more value and helps achieve your goals.

An upgrade can also reduce maintenance costs—as Trane no longer supports your current BAS. It will become increasingly difficult to find a qualified technician to come out and service the system. 

You’ll also gain access to state-of-the-art technology that will allow your facility manager to proactively identify and resolve minor issues before they turn into significant problems.

Here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll get from upgrading to Tridium:

  • Real-time reporting that allows for practical management
  • Advanced and powerful analytics 
  • Web-based portals that will enable access from any internet-connected device
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Increased tenant comfort and improved energy efficiency

Tridium Integration and Upgrade Options

Upgrading a Trane BAS to Tridium consists of replacing your existing controllers with ones that can communicate with an open BAS front end. You’ll also gain the ability to add equipment from non-Trane manufacturers. 

We can currently upgrade the following legacy Trane drivers:

  • ​​Trane Comm3 driver
  • Trane Comm4 driver

How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade

There are a few things that indicate it’s time to upgrade your Trane BAS to Tridium:

System Cannot Meet Current Needs

If your legacy Trane system is struggling to meet the modern demands of your building, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Over the years, building renovations, upgrades, and new tenants can all put a strain on the limited abilities of your current system to the point where it’s rendered entirely obsolete. Upgrading to an open Tridium system will allow your BAS to grow with the demands of your building.

Poor Energy Efficiency

Older Trane systems can’t fine-tune building performance. An upgrade will provide you with the controls that you need to increase tenant comfort while ensuring energy savings. You’ll also be able to choose non-Trane equipment that will provide far greater energy efficiency.

Antiquated Programming Language

Your current Trane system runs on a proprietary and deprecated programming language, making it very difficult to find a qualified technician who can perform maintenance and repairs. 

Tridium BAS systems operate on a modern programming language that provides far greater flexibility and makes it easier to work on.

Security Concerns

When manufacturers such as Trane stop supporting their older systems, they also stop providing essential security updates that keep hackers and bad actors at bay. Tridium BAS systems receive regular security updates that help prevent unauthorized users from gaining access.

Limited System Memory

When your Trane BAS system was first installed, it came with ample memory for the day. However, as time goes by and you add new equipment, the limited system memory can cause your entire system to slow down tremendously. 

A modern Tridium system comes with ample memory that will enable your BAS system to grow with the needs of your tenants and building.

Let Conexus Help with Your Tridium BAS Upgrade

At Conexus, we have over 30 years of experience helping our clients upgrade their legacy BAS systems. We’ll help you plan and install an upgraded Tridium system that will provide you with the power, flexibility, and tools you need to ensure a more efficient building and happier tenants.

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