Building Management Systems

Comfortable employees as a result of building systemsAt Conexus, we offer building management systems that help control comfort, safety, and energy efficiency for a variety of facilities.

If you have a problem, we believe in solving it together with recommendations based on your facility’s unique needs.

Building Automation Systems

Maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for occupants is easy with smart technology on your side. We’d be glad to put you in command of a building automation system that seamlessly integrates controls for mechanical and electrical equipment.

It’s best if you never get locked to any particular provider. That’s why we stand behind our commitment to installing open, non-proprietary systems.

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Facility Management Solutions

Taking full advantage of building management systems can be challenging. Let us make things simpler, with a suite of services designed to streamline facility management.

Conexus lets you choose a level of expert support with monthly subscription plans. Pick from a basic service with remote hosting, to complete installation and maintenance of a new management solution.

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Energy Management Systems

The more efficiently you operate your building, the lower the energy costs. Take control with a system featuring power usage monitoring, graphical interfaces, and real-time insights.

An energy management system enables you to create an effective management strategy to maintain comfort while reducing costs and your building’s environmental impact.

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Building Intelligence Systems

Unite your facility’s controls, from lighting systems to security to HVAC, with building intelligence. Our advanced solutions put customized settings, energy usage reports, and in-depth analytics at your fingertips.

Whether retrofitting or installing new, Conexus can get today’s technology working for you.

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Lighting Control Systems

From well-illuminated hallways to uniformly lit parking garages, when it comes to lighting control, the requirements for each facility is complex.

A smart system with automatic (and customizable) settings combined with advanced analytics, helps you keep occupants happy. And with technology like daylight sensors and occupancy detection, taking charge of energy consumption is a breeze.

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Access Control Systems

Controlling access to a facility not only protects your physical assets, but it also protects the people inside. Peace of mind comes from knowing occupants are safe, whether they’re learning, working, or at rest.

Real-time surveillance, visitor limitation, and smart access panels will secure your building, permitting entry where and when it’s necessary.

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CCTV Systems

An extra pair of eyes ensure your building is always under surveillance. Theft and damage can happen at any time, and a CCTV system monitors a facility—24/7—without ever taking a break.

Let the expert technicians at Conexus assess your security needs and install the solution that’s right for you.

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Building Management Systems You Can Trust

Conexus offers a range of advanced building management solutions, including energy management, lighting controls, building intelligence, and more.

With 15+ years of experience installing building management systems, our dedicated technicians will help you optimize performance and improve energy efficiency, which enables you to keep occupants comfortable and safe.

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