Building Management Systems

Building management systems help control the energy efficiency, safety, and comfort for a wide variety of facilities. If you’re considering installing or upgrading a building management system, it’s critical that you partner with a company that will work with you to address your specific needs and come up with ideal solutions tailored just for you.

Building Management Systems You Can Trust

Today’s building management systems have the ability to integrate, monitor, and control many of your building’s automated systems. By connecting critical systems like heating and ventilation, programmable lighting, access control, and power management equipment, a modern, highly integrated building management system (BMS) allows facility operators to:

  • Improve client comfort, safety, and productivity
  • Optimize building efficiency and reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce monthly building operations overheads
  • Deliver long-term returns on investment to property owners and investors

Building management companies throughout the mid-Atlantic region trust Conexus to provide the smart building management solutions needed to attract and retain clients, improve efficiencies, control costs, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Whether you’re an owner or property management company operating a corporate or college campus, an industrial or commercial real estate space, or a specialized building like a hospital or stadium—Conexus offers smart, scalable building management system services tailored to your property’s specific needs.

With more than15 years of experience designing, installing, and supporting advanced BMS solutions throughout the mid-Atlantic area, we deliver higher building efficiency and improved system performance that you’ll be able to measure in increased rents collected, more new tenants signed, and better returns for your investors and partners.

Our services include BMS installation, upgrades, maintenance, and commissioning plus full systems integrations. We also offer comprehensive facilities management solutions as well as data analytics services to help you boost efficiency and performance. Read on to learn more about Conexsus’ end-to-end BMS design, installation, and management services.

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Building Automation Systems

Maintaining a comfortable and safe environment for occupants is easy with smart technology on your side. We’d be glad to put you in command of a building management system that seamlessly integrates HVAC controls, lighting, and energy management systems. Talk to us about a performance-boosting upgrade of your existing HVAC building management backbone or invest now in new equipment that will deliver bottom-line improvements and reduce waste and inefficiency far into the future.

At Conexus, we understand that technology is always advancing and that your facility’s needs will change over time. That’s why we’ll never lock you into proprietary equipment provided by just one supplier. We stand behind our commitment to installing tried-and-true open and non-proprietary equipment that is easy to integrate, upgrade, and expand.

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Facility Management Solutions

For many real estate investment firms or property management firms, taking complete advantage of the full capacity of a building management system can be challenging. Let Conexus help you unlock the true power of your smart building systems without the need to invest in additional personnel, increased training, or more overtime.

Conexus facilities management solutions let you choose a level of expert support for your equipment with a simple monthly subscription plan. Pick from a range of service levels from a basic monitoring service with remote hosting to complete installation and ongoing maintenance services including real-time system optimization, predictive maintenance, and advanced data analytics.

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Energy Management Systems

Using an energy management system in your facility saves money, improves efficiency, and shrinks your building’s environmental footprint. Energy management systems help you create a sustainable, long-term energy strategy by monitoring a facility’s heating and cooling equipment as well as other devices such as fans, pumps, dampers, and lighting.

Energy remains a major cost driver for any property owner, while the pressure is on major facility operators to reduce carbon emissions both on-site and at source. You can trim waste and optimize expenditure with real-time power usage monitoring, graphical interfaces, and insights driven by artificial intelligence and deep data analytics.

Better energy management affects your bottom line directly, but reducing your facility’s environmental impact unlocks other savings and benefits. These include:

  • Improved occupant comfort and productivity
  • Reduced equipment wear and tear
  • Better compliance with emissions reductions goals or guidelines
  • Improved perceptions of your company among clients, partners, and competitors

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Building Intelligence Systems

Building intelligence takes building automation to the next level. Building intelligence systems gather data from multiple sources including controllers, sensors, and fully independent devices, and then use these to build sophisticated models of how efficient and effective your building systems really are.

Predictive algorithms and machine learning technologies allow building intelligence systems to analyze everything from energy use to security optimizations. The information generated can be used to:

  • Track the payback period for energy efficiency initiatives
  • Produce detailed reports for managers, owners, or investors
  • Allow tenants more control over their workspaces

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Lighting Control Systems

From adequate task area illumination and bright hallways to uniformly lit parking garages, lighting plays an outsized role in energy consumption, as well as in occupant safety, comfort, and productivity. Recent advances in technology have made efficient, programmable lighting more affordable than ever.

At the same time, lighting is both an important cost driver for many property operators and a major source of inefficiencies. Lighting control systems allow you to unlock both the significant savings made possible by recent advances in lighting design and the associated indirect benefits of providing a pleasant, well-lit space for your tenants.

Lighting control systems gather information from smart lighting fixtures and other sensors and use this information to provide appropriate lighting when and where it is needed. Energy efficiency improves when area lighting turns on and off as needed, adjusts seasonally or according to outdoor ambient conditions, and is optimized so occupants do not need to override settings to get the illumination they need.

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Access Control Systems

Access control helps to protect the safety of your people, physical assets, proprietary data, and intellectual property. And, while effective access control is one of the most important services you provide your tenants, changing technology and emerging threats make it one of the most complex to deliver effectively.

A comprehensive access control system should let you and your tenant know who is in the facility at any time and where in the building they are. More sophisticated systems will track and restrict access according to the time or date or the person’s role or relationship to an organization. More automated systems can be integrated with CCTV, localized lighting, or HVAC systems to optimize comfort and energy efficiency.

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CCTV Systems

Effective closed circuit or surveillance video systems improve security and protect both your assets and those of your tenants. Facility-wide video systems help to ensure occupant safety and deter theft, vandalism, or the misuse of company property. They can play a critical role in evacuating a large facility in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Providing tenants with a reliable source of recorded CCTV footage is also a valuable service and very important for clients who work in sensitive industries like defense or healthcare. It’s also increasingly easy to integrate video footage with other systems, including access control, lighting, fire suppression, and HVAC.

The expert technicians at Conexus will assess your situation and develop a tailored, expandable CCTV solution that meets both your needs and your budget.

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At Conexus, we help building owner-operators, property management services, and real estate investment players get more out of their existing BMS system infrastructure while delivering the cutting-edge tailored building technologies that will define the smart, productive workspaces of tomorrow.

We work closely with clients to solve problems, improve performance, and anticipate future needs. Our industry-leading customer service means help is never more than a phone call away.

Contact us today to learn about effective building management solutions that will keep your tenants comfortable and your owners, investment partners, and employees smiling.

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