Access Control Systems

Proper facility security does more than safeguard equipment and sensitive information; it is also vital for keeping workers and tenants safe. An access control system lets you manage building security confidently, ensuring peace of mind.

At Conexus, we have experience installing access control systems for a range of industries. From hospitals to data centers to universities, we can integrate access control into your current building automation or install a standalone system.
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Types of Access Control Systems

Choosing the right type of system depends on your security needs.

Discretionary access control — With this system, the business or owner is accountable for setting entry privileges. It’s the least restrictive set-up for access.

Mandatory access control — The system owner and custodian typically set permissions. Often, organizations that handle confidential information choose mandatory access control.

Role-based access control — Also known as “rule-based access control,” the permissions depend on an employee’s job responsibilities. This is the most sophisticated type of access control.

Components of Access Control Systems

A building’s access control has several layers of devices to ensure the safety of occupants and assets.

  1. User devices. These allow people to interact with the system using cards, card readers, scanners, keypads, biometric readers, etc.
  2. Administration devices and software. This is where permissions are set, monitored, and controlled. It includes the management dashboard and integrations with other systems (such as building automation).
  3. Infrastructure. This equipment keeps a facility safe using locks, gates, and alarms.

Access Control System Benefits

There are several ways these systems help a facility manager support the security and safety of their building:

  • Know who’s accessing a building at all times
  • Keep track of staff within a facility
  • Secure sensitive data and information
  • Prevent theft and accidents
  • Ensure peace of mind for occupants
  • Reduce the need for on-site security personnel
  • Allow temporary entry for visitors and guests

Integration Options

Modern access control systems have options for standalone installation or integration using open protocols. Combining access control with a building automation system (BAS) allows for automatic adjustment to HVAC settings when employees enter or leave a building.

Primary Uses for Access Control Systems

The most common uses for access control systems are tenant safety and reducing property or information theft. These systems also help with compliance obligations regarding information security as they ensure only qualified personnel enter restricted areas.

Integrating access control with a BAS lets the entire system become more effective. By monitoring where and when employees enter certain parts of a building, a BAS can optimize the HVAC and lighting in those places (while saving energy in other areas).

Organizations that benefit the most from control systems handle sensitive information, equipment, or assets.

  • Hospitals — store potential biological hazards and confidential client information
  • Banks — maintain secure customer financial information
  • Pharmaceutical companies — protect proprietary information and potential biological hazards
  • Data centers — record data and prevent tampering and theft
  • Insurance companies — safeguard health and asset information and conduct secure financial transactions
  • Military institutions — house confidential information and security details

Partner with Conexus for Your Access Control System

At Conexus, we’re proponents of smart building systems, and we’re dedicated to bringing our customers the latest in access control technology. Our technicians have experience with many industries and will work with you to find the solution that fits your unique facility.

Count on us for a fully integrated access control solution that provides around-the-clock peace of mind.

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