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Conexus upgrades, installs, and maintains building automation systems for a variety of industries. We help our clients get the best value for their budget without compromising functionality or service and bring an unwavering commitment to leveraging technology to transform building environments.

We tailor our solutions to each client’s specific needs. Our approach guarantees improved operational efficiency and reduced energy costs for a more sustainable and cost-effective future. Let us provide you with an innovative BAS system to elevate your building’s performance.

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What is a Building Automation System?

A building automation system (BAS) combines hardware and software to connect HVAC, lighting, security, and other facility controls. This unified platform helps facility managers control the environment and ensure tenants are comfortable and secure.

Modern BAS solutions feature user interfaces that make it easy to fine-tune equipment settings. Facility managers can use these versatile functionalities to combine manual control and automation.

For example:

  • Adjust the HVAC control system to meet energy efficiency objectives
  • Dim lighting when a room is unoccupied
  • Alter ventilation to remain within air quality and humidity targets
  • Activate alarms in the event of device malfunction
  • Issue security alerts when a motion detector is activated
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What are the Benefits of Using a Building Automation System?

Building managers face many challenges in efficiently operating and maintaining their facilities. Older buildings often lack integrated systems, forcing staff to manually control lighting, HVAC, security, and other functions separately. This process is time-consuming, prone to human error, and difficult to optimize energy use. Even newer buildings can present problems if systems from multiple vendors aren’t compatible.

Switching to a modern building automation system (BAS) solves these common pain points. A good building control system integrates all building systems into a single and unified platform. This allows facility managers to monitor and control building operations from any web-enabled device.

Key benefits of implementing a BAS include:

  • Reduced energy usage – It can cut energy costs by up to 30%. The system achieves this by automatically adjusting HVAC, lighting, and other systems based on occupancy and usage patterns. The ability to optimize start/stop times also saves energy.
  • Improved tenant comfort – A BAS maintains consistent lighting, humidity, and room temperatures based on building schedules and occupancy sensors. This keeps occupants comfortable and productive.
  • Enhanced equipment performance – Performance monitoring and alerts from a BAS let you identify issues early. Predictive maintenance reduces equipment failures.
  • Increased staff productivity – With a unified BAS platform, facilities personnel can check systems remotely instead of walking the building. Automation also reduces time spent on manual control activities.
  • Tighter security – Integrated access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection enhance the effectiveness of your security system. You can manage door locks and cameras from one dashboard.

Leveraging a modern and integrated BAS allows managers to reduce costs, boost efficiency, improve occupant comfort, and enhance overall performance. The long-term benefits for the bottom line and work environment make a building automation system a smart investment.

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How Do Building Automation Systems Work?

Although building management systems (BMS) are complex, they all have three fundamental parts:

  • Input/output (I/O) devices – Sensors, switches, relays, valves, and damper actuators.
  • Field controllers – Controllers listen to input devices and adjust output devices. They do this through open communication protocols or (in the case of legacy systems) closed protocols.
  • Supervisory controls and server – These devices manage multiple field controllers and the BAS front-end interface.

“Open” vs. “Closed”

The communication bus protocol is the main difference between an open and closed (proprietary) BAS. An open BAS uses non-proprietary communication protocols compatible with equipment from any manufacturer. This enables the integration of best-in-class products from various vendors.

A closed system (aka “proprietary system”) uses a protocol that only communicates with a particular manufacturer’s equipment and devices. If a controller fails, you must replace it with the same brand. This limits your equipment options and locks you into a single manufacturer for the system’s lifetime.

BAS Equipment Integrations

We can integrate many types of modern and legacy equipment into a BAS. The most commonly integrated building equipment includes:

  • HVAC – heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  • Lighting – hallways, meeting rooms, parking garages, etc.
  • Security – card access, PIN code access, CCTV, etc.

Conexus BAS Features

At Conexus, we identify building automation solutions aligned with our client’s exact specifications and budgets. Features that set our systems apart include:

  • Open systems – We’ve always supported open systems. We believe clients should be able to freely choose the equipment and maintenance that best fits their situation.
  • Smart building components – We offer the latest, advanced building technology tools and integrations, including IoT solutions and building intelligence.
  • Rigorous commissioning procedures – We base our close-out process on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers procedures to ensure each BAS goes into service smoothly.
  • Providing complete control – We do not withhold passwords, usernames, or software keys. You get everything you need to run your BAS with (or without) our assistance.

Choosing Conexus For Your BAS

Choosing Conexus is not just choosing a BAS supplier—it’s selecting a partner in facility management. For decades, we’ve offered customer-centric services beyond basic BAS installation, upgrades, and servicing. We provide our clients with open systems that leverage the latest advanced building automation technology.

Our expert engineers will custom-design a solution that meets your needs, equipment, resources, and budget. However, we will only undertake a project if we can demonstrate a reasonable return on investment. This diligence ensures you get the optimal system at your desired budget.

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