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Building intelligence system installed by the Conexus teamModern buildings are more than simple shells; they’re energy-efficient, integrated, and adaptable. Building intelligence systems, which exemplify today’s smart technologies, leverage the power of big data to generate customized reports and analytics. A facility manager can use this information to fine-tune energy use while providing the highest level of tenant comfort.

Whether you’re planning new construction, retrofitting, or supervising an entire campus, Conexus can help you choose a building intelligence solution that offers detailed insight into cost, comfort, and efficiency.

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What is a Building Intelligence System?

There’s a difference between building intelligence and building automation systems. An automation system lets a facility manager set limits and optimize equipment performance, whereas building intelligence harnesses vast amounts of equipment data to provide exceptional analysis.

An intelligent building integrates data from multiple sources using sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The system monitors everything from resource use to security and applies advanced machine learning for smart assessments.

A manager can produce customized reports to fine-tune settings manually or enable the system to make the adjustments automatically. Either way, the result is superior comfort and a minimal carbon footprint.

How Do Building Intelligence Systems Work?

Conexus offers several building intelligence solutions, including EnerVue by Distech and Periscope by Activelogix; however, they all consist of the same four essential components.

Sensors and IoT devices – Modern sensor and IoT technology gives a building manager a range of options for collecting data. Specialized instruments can measure temperature, humidity, light, motion, vibration, and more.

Analytics software – Building intelligence software (the “brains” of the system), takes sensor data and transforms it into insights and reports. Advanced machine learning and predictive capabilities support a proactive, rather than reactive, management strategy.

User interface – The interface comprises the icons, screens, and displays that turn system data into visual knowledge. Ideally designed for intuitive, easy use, the interface is key to the system’s success.

Connectivity – For the devices, software, and interface to work together, they need to communicate over a network, whether it’s cellular, WiFi, or the cloud.

Building Intelligence Benefits

With access to a broad spectrum of data, managers can use building intelligence reports and analytics to identify opportunities for:

  • Cost savings
  • Occupant comfort
  • Equipment efficiency

In addition to these benefits, the real-time and historical data generated by sensors provide insight into challenges and underpin strategic, long-term decisions. Building intelligence data is a solid foundation for shrinking a facility’s carbon footprint and extending its structural and operational lifecycle.

Primary Uses of Energy Management Systems

Customized dashboards support endless possibilities for targeted analysis and inspections:

  • Track the payback period for energy and efficiency initiatives
  • Create predictive, as well as preventive, maintenance tasks
  • Provide tenants autonomous control over their workspace for greater comfort
  • Decrease overhead expenses with automatic lighting and heating controls
  • Make informed decisions for reducing energy consumption and cost

Managers with building intelligence support will quickly achieve their budget, efficiency, and optimization goals.

Choosing Conexus For Building Intelligence

At Conexus we’re dedicated to bringing our customers smart building solutions. From schools to hospitals to office towers, we have decades of experience installing, servicing, and maintaining modern building intelligence systems.

If you’re looking to go beyond automation for a truly advanced management approach that saves energy and extends equipment life—contact Conexus.

Our experts work with you to find the best solution for your facility.

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