Energy Management Systems


Using an energy management system (EMS) saves money, improves efficiency, and shrinks your building’s environmental footprint. The EMS helps you create a sustainable, long-term energy strategy by monitoring a facility’s heating and cooling equipment (and other devices such as fans, pumps, dampers, and lighting).

Whether your building is already outfitted with a building automation system (or you’ve yet to install a BAS), investing in an energy management system from Conexus allows for superior control over energy consumption.

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What is an Energy Management System? 

Whereas a BAS controls equipment such as HVAC and lighting, an EMS monitors energy usage and performance. 

An EMS is a centralized, computer-based system that collects data from individual devices and incorporates it into a graphic interface. Visualizations and customized reports provide an in-depth understanding of a building’s energy profile. 

An energy management system helps a facility manager to:

  • Eliminate waste 
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Limit the impact of rising energy prices

What is Energy Star?

The government’s Energy Star program establishes guidelines, tools, recommendations, and resources for commercial businesses and industries to foster cost-effective approaches to managing—and reducing—energy use.

Conexus partners with Energy Star to deliver the best energy management solutions for our customers.

What is a Smart Building?

A smart building leverages technology to maintain a comfortable, safe environment while minimizing energy costs and mitigating environmental impact. More than a collection of equipment, a smart building’s HVAC, lighting, and security systems work together to optimize overall performance.

How Do Energy Management Systems Work? 

Two open hands holding a lightening boldA range of energy management systems are available today; however, they all consist of four fundamental parts:

Controller or server – The “brain” of the system is the controller, which takes device information and puts it into a dashboard, or interface, for analysis.

Meters – Attached to individual pieces of equipment are meters that collect information about energy use and relay it to the controller.

Thermostats – A key part of any energy management strategy, thermostats read and adjust a building’s temperature.

Sensors – Either wired or wireless, a sensor reads data from ducts, water heaters, lighting, and more to feed the controller vital information. 

Energy Management System Benefits

There are many reasons to invest in an energy management system, from cost savings to safety to environmental stewardship. Here are the main advantages:

  • Analyze meter data to identify energy savings
  • Visualize power usage
  • Track progress of energy-saving initiatives
  • Improve process efficiencies
  • Identify needless routine waste

When it comes to energy management, an EMS is about more than the bottom line—it’s an opportunity to be environmentally responsible, reduce your carbon footprint, and lead the industry with green initiatives. 

Primary Uses of Energy Management Systems

An energy management system gives facility managers the tools to uncover critical insights for their building. For example:

  • Contextualize a facility’s total energy usage
  • Create efficiencies in system settings
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how a building’s equipment works
  • Stay compliant with (and even ahead of) environmental best practices
  • Develop long-term solutions for optimal equipment performance
  • Make strategic decisions, such as mechanical replacement, deployment, or enhancement

An EMS from Conexus – the Top Energy Management Solution

At Conexus, we specialize in providing energy management solutions. We’re pioneers of smart building technology and industry experts in energy management systems. Partner with us, and together, we’ll find an energy management solution that fits your budget and goals.

We have been installing, upgrading, and servicing energy management systems since Conexus was founded in 2005. Contact us for superior service and support on your path towards optimal facility management.

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