HVAC Control Systems

The components that make up your HVAC system are responsible for almost half of your building’s energy consumption. Adding an HVAC control system can help you improve tenant comfort, reduce energy waste, and increase cost savings.

As a pioneer in open-source BAS technology, Conexus will design and install an HVAC control system tailored to your facility’s specific needs. Our highly experienced engineers will provide you with the best value for your budget without compromising service or functionality.

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What is an HVAC Control System?

HVAC control systems centralize the management of the HVAC equipment in your building. The system consists of several components, such as:

  • Controllers
  • Energy management software/hardware
  • Network infrastructure
  • End devices (sensors, relay switches, and actuators)

Facility managers can use an HVAC control system to adjust the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment to maintain optimal temperatures and performance. Some systems can even flag and diagnose minor problems before they become major ones.

How Do HVAC Control Systems Work?

When the facility manager uses the centralized control panel to make an adjustment, an electronic signal is sent out to the relay switches and actuators. They turn the electrical energy into mechanical action–which causes the HVAC system to engage and raise or lower the temperature.

Alternatively, internal sensors can automatically turn components of the HVAC system on or off to maintain a predetermined temperature or set schedule. For example, you can program the system to automatically maintain a temperature of 75 degrees from 9 am to 4 pm inside the conference room.

HVAC Control System Benefits

There are several different benefits of HVAC automation:

  • Improved tenant comfort
  • Eliminate hot/cold spots throughout the building
  • Reduce energy costs by optimizing control strategies
  • Automate time-consuming functions
  • Improve and maintain building air quality

Integration Options

Primary Uses for HVAC Control Systems

Conexus can install an HVAC control system for a wide range of facilities, including:

  • Office buildings — Optimized internal temperatures can help keep building occupancy rates high.
  • Hospitals — Protect patients’ health and provide doctors, staff, and visitors with a more comfortable indoor environment.
  • Retail stores — Studies have shown that optimized building temperatures can help keep shoppers inside the store for longer.
  • Data centers — Ensure the safety of your servers by keeping the ambient air at an optimal temperature.
  • Hotels — Provide guests with a better experience through more comfortable rooms and lobbies.
  • Schools — Optimal ambient indoor temperatures will allow students and staff to focus on learning and teaching.
  • Warehouses (cold storage/etc.) — Keep freight and cargo at optimal temperatures and prevent spoilage with an HVAC control system.

Choosing Conexus For an HVAC Control System

At Conexus, we strive to bring our customers the latest open-source intelligent building technologies. Our team is composed of skilled BAS technicians, and we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with more granular control over your HVAC system.

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