Lighting Control Systems

Proper lighting is crucial for keeping your facility comfortable, productive, and safe. As an expert installer of lighting control systems and a proponent of green technology, Conexus can help you select a modern lighting control system that supports energy efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to transform your operations with energy-saving equipment, integrate lighting into your existing controls, or install a standalone lighting system, our technicians can provide a solution tailored to your facility.

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What is a Lighting Control System?

lighting control systemModern lighting control systems use sophisticated sensors, automatic settings, and advanced analytics to support the building environment.

Daylight sensors and occupancy detection let smart lighting systems turn lights on when needed and off when they’re not. With in-room controls, occupants can adjust the lighting to the ideal brightness, no matter if they’re watching a boardroom presentation or working the till of a retail store.

And monitoring it all is advanced system analytics, which provides insights so that building managers can identify efficiency opportunities—and open the door to energy savings.

How Do Lighting Control Systems Work?

Lighting control systems typically have three components.

Light fixtures — Facilities use a wide variety of lighting equipment, from parking lot flood lights to hallway lighting to reading lamps. Efficient LEDs are standard in most modern lighting fixtures.

Sensors — Occupancy and vacancy sensors are essential for energy management. Advanced sensor technology supports “daylight harvesting,” which reads natural lighting levels and adjusts artificial lighting accordingly.

Controllers — These devices communicate between fixtures and sensors, enabling lighting adjustment and collecting information, such as fixture operating hours and on-off cycles.

Lighting Control System Benefits

A lighting control system gives a facility manager opportunities for system optimization:

  • Take control of energy management by adjusting lighting levels
  • Improve occupant comfort with customized lighting controls
  • Support energy-conscious lighting using daylight harvesting
  • Minimize a building’s heating load with adjustable lighting
  • Promote productivity with optimized lighting for different rooms
  • Increase tenant safety after dark

Integration Options

Conexus can either install an independent lighting control system or integrate lighting into an existing building automation system (BAS). Many lighting systems are designed to be used with or without a BAS; however, there are distinct advantages to using a single interface for building automation and lighting control.

An integrated system removes the need for separate interfaces, and when it comes to energy use, comprehensive analytics “paint a picture” of power consumption throughout the entire building.

Primary Uses for Lighting Control Systems

At Conexus, we offer lighting control systems for a long list of facilities, including:

Offices — Occupancy sensors for hallways and meeting rooms, daylight sensors in atriums

Hotels — In-room lighting controls for guests, ambient restaurant lighting, automatic lighting for parking areas

Hospitals — Color temperature adjustment for patient rooms (warm for visitors, cooler for examinations), adjustable lighting intensity for operating theatres

Data Centers — Occupancy and vacancy sensors that respond to technician movement, lighting banks designed for low heat output

School campuses — Network control for managing multiple locations, dimming capability for presentations, daylight sensors to automatically adjust lecture room lighting

Choosing Conexus For Lighting Control System

Conexus is dedicated to bringing customers the latest in smart building technologies, including lighting control systems. Whether you’re looking to install a standalone lighting system or integrate lighting into your existing building automation, we work with you to find a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Our technicians have experience installing, maintaining, and servicing lighting control systems for a variety of industries. Contact us today for service and support you can count on.

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