Conexus Facility Management Solutions

Conexus Facility Management Solutions (CFMS)

A well-designed commissioned and maintained smart building is a good investment. However, smart buildings grow more complex every day. That complexity adds cost to both the installation of the initial system and the talent necessary to keep the building operating at peak optimization.

Conexus Facility Management Solutions (CFMS) is a suite of services designed to simplify the complexity of smart building technologies. Make one easy monthly subscription payment using our service that’s accessible through a secure internet connection.

Services provided through CFMS extend from basic remote hosting of your system on our Amazon server to a complete management system for your smart building technology system. That includes the installation and maintenance of your new system.

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Why Use the Cloud for Facility Management?

The cloud has proven to not just be about the efficiency and access to data storage. It can help to offer services that would otherwise require personnel on site to maintain important building systems. Conexus leverages the cloud to securely maintain enhanced building operations while the facility manager may not be on site.

Heating, ventilation, & air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, cameras, and access systems are all critical building systems accessible from the cloud. Un-managed buildings could lead to costly repairs, damages, increased energy usage, poor air quality and an overall deficient building system.

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Features of Facility Automation System Software

Our CFMS incorporates various features to make your building automation seamless. Here are some of the benefits we incorporate into our system.

Hosted Services

Hosted Services

  • Real time analytics to keep your system optimized, and operating.
  • Leverage technology to “fix” your systems before they break and cause you harmful downtime.
  • Access all building systems (HVAC, Lighting, Access, CCTV, etc) from a single login – Single pane of glass.

Service Agreements

Support Agreements

  • Scheduled visits to keep your system optimized
  • Hardware calibration, testing and tuning

Active Monitoring

Active Monitoring

  • Alarm monitoring by training Conexus specialists  
  • Automated work order ticketing based upon system alarms
  • Energy dashboards
  • 24/7 automated monitoring



  • Dispatching of Conexus technicians, onsite or remotely. 
  • Conexus partners with mechanical, electrical, and other contractor trades to seamlessly provide complete customer solutions.

Payment Solutions

Single Payment Solutions

  • One simple monthly payment covers your new system, preventive maintenance, A la carte services, and the trained Conexus professionals to run your smart building technology system.

How our CFMS features help you cut costs

When you take advantage of our Conexus Facility Management Solutions features, we help you save in the now and in the long run.

  • Let our software “fix” your system before it breaks. That way, you can save on costly repairs and reduce downtime that can lead to short term and long term problems for your building.
  • We schedule your visits and automate work order tickets to stay on track with your maintenance and system optimization. Don’t let your system get outdated or miss catching problems that should be repaired early on. Our scheduled visits will help.
  • Track your spending and energy use so you can monitor what you’re using for your business.
  • Making one monthly payment for your system and preventative maintenance lets you save on services without sacrificing quality.

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