Cloud-Based Building Management

Keeping occupants comfortable while maximizing energy efficiency is a constant challenge for any facility manager. And striking a balance becomes even more difficult if you’re stuck with out-of-date management software that limits you, making it tough to assess system issues and respond to tenant needs.

Updating to cloud-based building management boosts your control, from HVAC to lighting to CCTV. With convenient internet access, you can view equipment performance from anywhere, in real-time, and respond to alarms at a moment’s notice.

Conexus is proud to provide cost-effective cloud-based building management solutions paired with superior customer service. The cloud’s advanced features ease facility management challenges while protecting your data with the latest cybersecurity.

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Off-site hosting

Eliminate the need to maintain aging on-site hardware.


Take advantage of volume discounts through Conexus.

Online access

View real-time system info via a convenient online portal.

Cyber secure

Rest easy knowing cloud security is protecting your data 24/7.

Always up-to-date

Enjoy automatic software updates that ensure you never fall behind.


How Cloud Hosting Works

With cloud-based building management, data is stored across a network of interconnected servers (the cloud) rather than on a single physical server.

An online internet portal lets you assess your system from anywhere and helps Conexus diagnose and address issues remotely, in real-time.

The cloud optimizes data storage and streamlines uploads and downloads, ensuring quick access to information.
Cloud Hosting features:

  • Multiple layers of security, including advanced cyber protection
  • Automatic data backups
  • Advanced analytics powered by cloud computing
  • Hassle-free software upgrades
Cloud-Based Building Management


Cloud Hosting Experts

At Conexus, we offer our customers facility solutions that help balance occupant comfort and productivity with energy efficiency. By leveraging advanced technology, including cloud-based building management, you’ll enjoy greater control over your building’s systems along with increased operational insight.

When you partner with Conexus, we work together to find the best, most cost-effective solutions for your organization. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction—our expert technicians deliver high-quality service right from day one.

If you’re looking for faster, easier building management, ask our experts about shifting to a cloud-based solution.

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