Distech Controls

Distech Controls offers advanced building automation solutions that focus on sustainable energy management. The company combines equipment from various manufacturers into a single and open portal. This allows building managers to fine-tune controls across their facilities easily.

Distech’s deep commitment to sustainability drives its approach. Their innovative technologies enable effective energy management for individual buildings or multiple-facility campuses. This allows for a tailored energy strategy that meets the unique demands of each property.

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Distech’s EC-Net Platform

The advanced and web-based EC-Net platform is the foundation of Distech building controls. This open system works with multiple protocols without vendor lock-in restrictions. This means it can seamlessly integrate the control and monitoring of existing building systems.

The EC-Net building management system is highly scalable. It adapts to facility changes like renovations or additions. You can also deploy it across a network or campus with several facilities. Analytics within the platform simplifies energy decisions and supports facility managers with business intelligence.

Distech Controls BAS system integrates monitoring and operations for building systems, including:

  • HVAC
  • Access control
  • Security and CCTV
  • CO2 sensors
  • Alarms
  • Lighting
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Temperature sensors

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The Distech Controls Advantage

Distech Controls’ building automation systems give managers intelligent insights into building performance. This enables them to maintain energy-efficient management practices and make more informed decisions. 

Other benefits include:

Web-based Access for AnyTime Monitoring and Control

Managers can remotely monitor and adjust building systems in real-time through the user-friendly, web-based visualization portal. This allows them to quickly optimize energy use, prevent downtime, and enhance efficiency. The result is lower costs and improved building performance.

Scalable Platform Accommodates Facility Growth

The EC-Net platform’s scalable architecture enables seamless adaptation as facilities undergo expansions, renovations, or occupancy fluctuations. It ensures operational continuity and sustained efficiency over time by minimizing the need for disruptive and costly system upgrades. The flexibility of EC-Net reduces disruptions and ensures buildings can scale up or adapt their usage. 

Energy Management Analytics to Optimize Efficiency

Advanced analytics identify optimization opportunities and empower data-driven decision-making based on energy usage trends. They also deliver verifiable savings and move buildings toward sustainability goals. This approach enhances operational performance and reduces environmental impact.

Real-time Reporting and Alarms Ensure Quick Response

The platform monitors critical building systems in real-time. It triggers alerts for equipment faults, security breaches, or unsafe conditions requiring immediate attention. Rapid response enabled by these notifications prevents costly downtime and disruptions to building operations. Facility managers can enhance tenant safety and satisfaction by proactively addressing minor inconsistencies before they become major problems.

Smart Building Controls Offer Superior Tenant Comfort and Operational Savings

Distech smart building controls can automatically adjust temperature, lighting, and air quality based on preferences and occupancy. This helps ensure tenant comfort, reduces utility costs, and supports environmental goals. Distech builds user-friendly management dashboards that allow for improved visibility and control.

Enterprise Applications Streamline Accounting, Tenant Billing, Utility Monitoring, and More

Distech Controls integrates applications to automate tedious back-office tasks: billing, metering, collections, reporting, equipment maintenance, and more. Our enterprise solutions simplify these administrative processes. This reduces costs through improved accuracy and transparency. Staff save significant time by eliminating manual busywork. 

The enterprise applications enhance data sharing across accounting, equipment management, sustainability reporting, and other functions. The streamlining also provides financial performance visibility while offering self-service access to bills and utilization data for tenants.

Distech Controls Experience & Expertise

At Conexus, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with building automation solutions that fit their unique needs. By partnering with Distech Controls, we offer a superior BAS integration, control, and monitoring option. 

Our technicians lead the industry with years of experience installing, servicing, and maintaining Distech Control systems.

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