Honeywell is a world-class leader when it comes to building automation. Their offerings focus on smart technologies that support efficiency, energy reduction, and advanced comfort management. Honeywell’s innovative building solutions help facility managers gather and analyze the data across a variety of industries. With the right tech, it’s easy to optimize day-to-day operations, which creates a foundation for long-term sustainability.

Honeywell’s open protocol facility solutions include building control systems & software, lighting management solutions, indoor air quality controls, and more. Honeywell’s product line also features field devices, sensors, video systems, and access control equipment to support building management.

Conexus is proud to install, upgrade, repair, and maintain superior building automation solutions. Our Honeywell offerings deliver the technology needed to make your facility more connected, productive, and efficient.

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Honeywell products are certified for quality performance and longevity.


Your data is always protected with advanced cybersecurity and privacy features.


Building controls, lighting management, and air quality systems ensure occupant comfort.


Reduce your facility’s energy consumption and carbon footprint with Honeywell building solutions.


Cutting-edge analytics optimize equipment performance and drive operational improvements.


WEBs-N4™ Software Platform

Honeywell’s fully open, Niagara-based building automation solution enables a comprehensive approach to facility management.

  • Use a single system to control HVAC, security, access, lighting, and power metering
  • Customize the modern, intuitive HTML-5 interface with user-specific charts and displays
  • Integrate IoT technology seamlessly into building management to enhance analytic capability
  • Keep your data safe with the latest cyber protection and role-based access control
  • Take advantage of convenient cloud backup and restoration capabilities


CIPer™ Controllers

From managing a single HVAC unit to a system of boilers & chillers, Honeywell’s CIPer™ controllers support a wide range of building automation needs.

  • Program units using the open protocol Niagara framework
  • Transfer data at speed, with some of the fastest IP HVAC controllers available
  • Seamlessly integrate legacy devices and new technology
  • Incorporate multi-protocol plant applications with ease
  • Gather real-time data for advanced analytics


What Is a Honeywell Smart Building?

Honeywell Experts

At Conexus, we have years of experience working with Honeywell systems and components. Partner with us to uncover a building automation solution that fits your needs using the latest Honeywell offerings.

Our experts can help you select the right product mix to meet your energy efficiency and optimization goals while reducing your budget and your building’s carbon footprint.

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