TOSIBOX® is committed to creating remote wireless network solutions that make connectivity secure and simple. Designed and manufactured in Finland, TOSIBOX® technology is used in over 150 countries worldwide, enabling industries to control system maintenance, data acquisition, and network access confidently and securely.

With plug-and-play functionality, the TOSIBOX® makes it easy for anyone to interlink building automation systems, energy management, lighting, and access control. The winner of Italy’s Smart Building Award and Poland’s Product of the Year, TOSIBOX® offers property owners an innovative solution for wireless, high-speed communication.

The TOSIBOX® modular design lets you scale up network capacity as your assets expand, and its open compatibility adapts to both legacy and modern systems from any brand or manufacturer. TOSIBOX® devices transmit data securely, no matter the format or protocol.

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Build and manage loT infrastructure in minutes.


Tested & audited security for peace of mind.


Unlimited expandability and flexibility.


Deals with legacy and future systems.


Globally patented point-to-point connection.


TOSIBOX® Lock 250

An industrial router that provides a secure network through an encrypted VPN connection.

The robust, reliable TOSIBOX® Lock 250 offers end-to-end data encryption for over 20 concurrent VPN connections.

Advanced features include integrated Wi-Fi to allow wireless devices to access the system directly.




TOSIBOX® Lock 210

This efficient industrial router enhances secure remote device connections via an encrypted VPN.

The TOSIBOX® Lock 210 is firewall-friendly and uses plug-and-play functionality to streamline installation and set-up.

Connect both advanced IoT and legacy devices over a secure high-speed network.



Conexus provides the most advanced solutions for building automation. With TOSIBOX®, we can offer our customers industry-leading, secure remote connection for modern and legacy systems across multiple properties.

Our expert technicians are ready to support your business with a trusted communications solution from TOSIBOX®.

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