Tridium Building Automation


A leading developer of innovative software platforms, Tridium’s building automation framework specializes in connecting people and devices over wireless networks. 

Tridium systems are open and non-proprietary, allowing for complete building management, no matter the equipment manufacturer. As a result, a facility manager can finetune the controls of a building system—whether legacy or modern—with ease. 

From hospitals to schools to offices, facilities worldwide trust Tridium building controls to provide a system with complete integration, intelligent monitoring, and superior controls. 

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Tridium’s Niagara Framework

The Niagara Framework is an open building automation system—it connects equipment that uses various communication protocols into a single software platform. The framework makes a unified front end from all the ad-hoc equipment software out there. 

For a busy facility manager, the switch to a centralized, web-based platform is a huge relief.

Use Niagara software to integrate building systems, including:

  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Elevator controls
  • Parking area controls
  • Fire and smoke detectors
  • Gas detectors
  • Access controls
  • Digital signage systems

The Tridium Advantage

With the management capability that comes with total control, Tridium building automation gives facility managers advanced analytics, energy efficiency support, and a reliable return on investment. 

  • Web-based portals permit access from anywhere, anytime
  • Easy-to-use interface provides intuitive controls
  • Existing systems are easily incorporated and upgraded
  • Advanced analytics deliver value and a superior ROI
  • Real-time reporting enables practical management

Work with Tridium Experts 

At Conexus we’ve partnered with Tridium to provide our customers an open solution that can integrate with their current equipment.

We’re committed to finding the smartest building solutions—systems with advanced analytics and business insights that grant superior decision-making capabilities.

Our expert technicians install, service, and maintain Tridium systems. Contact us to discover how we can deliver the building management you deserve. 

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