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Optimize the comfort, safety and efficiency of your facilities with solutions from a long-time systems integrator you can trust. At Conexus, we have over 15 years of experience successfully solving building automation problems and engineering custom solutions for our clients.

Our range of building automation system (BAS) services help you leverage smart technology to optimize for comfort, safety, and efficiency.

BAS Installation

A BAS is a major investment, and our Conexus technicians have the expertise to quickly get your new installation just the way you want it. We’re proponents of open, non-proprietary systems. We work with you to find the best solution for your building without tying you up in a proprietary relationship that limits your flexibility and options for the future.

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BAS Maintenance and Support

Regular preventive maintenance and support  is essential to get the highest level of performance and value. Without maintenance, there’s a risk of shortening the BAS’s useful life and forming a critical failure. Ask us about creating a plan that fits your needs. And when it comes to repairs, our expert team is ready to respond, day or night.

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BAS Upgrades

Whether it’s upgrading a legacy system or integrating older equipment with a modern BAS, we can help. As a systems integrator with almost two decades of experience, our specialty at Conexus is finding the latest advancements that make the most of your existing BAS technology.

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Master Systems Integrator Services

Struggling to get the most out of your building’s technology? Conexus, a Master Systems Integrator (MSI), can help! We expertly analyze and optimize all your building systems, from security to lighting, for seamless efficiency and cost savings.

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Energy Audits

Losing energy is losing money, and an energy audit can uncover payback scenarios where you save sooner, rather than later. Our Conexus technicians help you find ways to keep occupants comfortable and safe while sustaining your efficiency goals.

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BAS Commissioning

Not every systems integrator uses rigorous commissioning (close-out) procedures. At Conexus, our commissioning is based on the US Army Corps of Engineers protocols, which is how we ensure your BAS installation is complete, thorough, and worry-free. Our technicians make certain nothing is missed or overlooked, we address all concerns, and ensure you’re happy with our work, before turning the system over to you.

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Hosted Services

Hosted BAS services come with advanced functionality and convenience, making them ideal for managing several properties over a large area. Conexus can set up a hosted service that gives you access to BAS controls remotely, anytime, anywhere, on any device with an internet connection, making your BAS easier to manage.

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Building Analytics

At Conexus, we’re confident that you’ll manage a facility better with sophisticated building analytics. But if you’re running a legacy system (or a system that uses proprietary protocols), your options are being limited. Let’s remove those confines, and get you access to the technology and analytics you need to maximize your management efforts.

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