Building Automation Installation

Every building, structure, and facility has different needs, and by partnering with a qualified controls contractor like Conexus, you’ll ensure your building automation installation gets done right.

We work with a variety of industries, and our commissioning procedure has extensive verifications. Every system is meticulously checked before turning it over to the customer.

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Complexities of Building Automation Installation 

Building automation systems (BAS) are complex, and it’s important to choose an installation contractor with the expertise to set it up properly. Correct building automation installation maximizes the benefits of a BAS. 

Our clients can expect:

  • Superior occupant comfort, thanks to flexible settings
  • Easy equipment control through an intuitive interface
  • Lower energy costs with advanced programming
  • Increased efficiency with automated features

Training your staff to use a newly installed BAS is key to meeting facility management goals. After all, employees should be comfortable using the system interface to adjust equipment settings. We look forward to discussing our training opportunities to help bring everyone up to speed.

Do you already have a BAS but want to install a new system?

Conexus has experience retrofitting and upgrading legacy platforms. We work with our customers to select the essential equipment to upgrade or replace. And we’ll show you how to get the most out of your existing infrastructure combined with a new installation.

Importance of Proper Installation

Incorrect building automation installation leads to frustrations, including setpoint errors, alarm failures, and other operational problems. Standard checks for bringing a BAS online include:

  • Setting up zones according to customer requirements
  • Checking for correct control loop wiring
  • Testing temperature and pressure sensors for proper calibration

A responsible building automation installer won’t walk away until a BAS works the way it’s supposed to. Conexus follows a rigorous Army Corps of Engineers close-out procedure to verify each element is working before installation is complete.

How long does building automation installation take?

Your BAS installation timeline will be different depending on whether it involves a new facility, a retrofit, an upgrade for an existing system, or modifying specific equipment.

Large construction project – Building automation installation is just one of many tasks a general contractor schedules. It may take up to a year to install a BAS when it’s for a new build involving multiple trades.

Only building automation – For an existing facility, a controls contractor can swap out controls or complete an upgrade in around three months, depending on the building’s size.

A single piece of equipment – Focusing solely on one device, a contractor can often complete installation in a single day.

Flexibility To Fit Your Schedule

At Conexus, our goal is to complete our work with minimal disturbance. We know how important it is to keep your business up and running, which is why we’re committed to working around your schedule.

Much of the equipment we work on is located on a building’s roof or in a mechanical room. When we need access to other building spaces, we keep our schedule flexible to minimize tenant disruption.

For example, when we work with schools, we operate over the summer or during holiday breaks so that normal school day operations stay unaffected.

Conexus Works With You

For decades Conexus has been bringing customers the smartest building automation technology. We’re dedicated to working together to find a BAS solution that’s right for your needs and budget.

Partner with Conexus for an expert building automation installation you can trust.

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