Building Automation System Engineering

At Conexus, we know every client’s needs are unique and every building automation system is different. To prevent surprises during installation and avoid costs down the line, we take the time upfront to map out exactly how your system will work and document the part every component will play. Some might call it excessive. We call it quality system engineering.

Quality Engineering Means Quality Installation

With complex installations like building automation systems (BASs), no work can begin until every piece of equipment and controls sub-system is integrated and evaluated as part of an overall operating framework.

Detailed modeling of how your automation system will operate allows our highly experienced engineers to:

  • Evaluate equipment submittals
  • Optimize operations sequencing
  • Ensure project specifications are met or exceeded

By ironing out design problems in the planning phase, our team ensures smooth installation while reducing the likelihood of do-overs and cost overruns.

Know Where We’re Coming From—And Where You’re Going

Most importantly, well-engineered systems and clear documentation will give you an accurate picture of what equipment is being installed and why. You’ll also have detailed records to help troubleshoot any future issues, simplify maintenance, and guide future upgrades.

As part of our comprehensive system engineering service, you’ll receive full documentation and schematics ahead of your installation, showing:

  • What equipment is being included in your BAS
  • Steps involved in installing your BAS
  • How your BAS will function once commissioned

When your new system is fully operational, you’ll also receive a set of “as-built” drawings documenting how your BAS was installed. It’s all part of Conexus’s unwavering commitment to open and non-proprietary system solutions. Every client is given the tools necessary to operate, maintain, and expand their system independent of any specific service provider or vendor.

Planned, Designed, and Documented

As part of their review of the layout, feasibility, and cost of your BAS, our engineers produce a set of written instructions, drawings, and schematics that guide the design team, contractors, and client through the system design and installation process.

This typically includes:

  • Sequence of operation: documentation showing how BAS components work together
  • Equipment schedules: including parts specifications and customized components
  • Network riser diagrams: showing how every piece of equipment is connected
  • Wiring diagrams: for controllers, sensors, and end pieces on every BAS sub-system
  • Bills of material: including descriptions, part numbers, manufacturers, and device tagging for all supplied equipment.

Effective Delivery Is in the Details

At Conexus we know effective delivery of a complex project like a BAS installation lies in the details. That’s why we take the time to:

  • Design a customized system that meets your specific needs
  • Select quality controls products offering the best solution for your needs 
  • Produce detailed, accurate documentation to ensure your BAS is built exactly to specification, on time, and on budget.

With more than 20 years of experience designing, installing, integrating, and commissioning automated control systems for a wide range of industries, Conexus is a leader in delivering effective open-system automation solutions that deliver performance today and unlock value for years to come.

Choose Quality, Choose Conexus

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