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Building Automation SystemBreathe New Life Into Your BAS System

Conexus specializes in building automation upgrades that extend the life of your current system and provide access to the latest technology. We design solutions to increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and improve tenant comfort. 

No matter the age of your building automation system (BAS) system, we have many budget-friendly options that deliver value. We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a customized upgrade plan to fit your budget. 

Don’t let an outdated BAS hold you back. Partner with Conexus today to improve your building’s performance and take it to the next level.

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Benefits of a BAS Upgrade

Letting Conexus upgrade your legacy building management system (BMS) increases performance and reduces operating costs. For example, we might update outdated pneumatic systems with modern digital controls to enhance precision, streamline operations, and ensure consistent tenant comfort.

Replacing old sensors with new ones provides detailed data for preventative repairs while decreasing maintenance costs and system downtime. Modern sensors also provide real-time monitoring functionalities, enabling the system to operate optimally and immediately send alerts about potential problems.

Other upgrade benefits include:

Improved Comfort

Continuous monitoring and automated adjustments optimize tenant comfort and satisfaction.

Better Security

Modern systems provide better protection against unauthorized access and potential breaches.

Advanced Features

Gain access to the latest automation technology, from remote controls to predictive analytics.


Stay ahead with systems designed to integrate with upcoming technological advancements.

BAS Integration and Upgrade Options


Upgrade your legacy TAC/Schneider BAS for centralized control of lighting, HVAC, security, and other systems from one intuitive interface. Take advantage of increased energy savings, occupant comfort, and informed decision-making through robust reporting.

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Let Conexus upgrade your existing Honeywell BAS to an open platform that improves building efficiency, sustainability, and comfort. Powerful analytic tools allow you to uncover hidden insights and optimize performance.

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How the BAS Replacement and Upgrade Works

The process begins with an initial consultation, where we learn about your needs. We then assess your existing BAS and provide options for either upgrading components or complete replacement. For upgrades, we identify and implement targeted enhancements to improve performance. For replacement, we spec out an entirely new customized BAS optimized for your facility. 

Once we begin the work, our skilled technicians work closely with you to ensure a seamless process with minimal disruption. We then provide training and support so you can fully harness your system’s capabilities, optimize energy use, and elevate overall performance. Conexus also offers tailored maintenance plans to help keep your system running optimally for decades.

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How to Know if a Replacement is Better Than an Upgrade

Continually repairing an antiquated BMS system eventually results in diminishing returns. At this point, replacement becomes more cost-effective than sinking funds into a money pit plagued with compatibility and reliability challenges. Opting for a complete BAS replacement ensures you start fresh with the latest technology. 


Due to their closed nature, old systems prone to failures may not support newer functions or allow upgrading specific components. System replacement eliminates inherited issues and lays a foundation for efficient, future-ready automation that ensures long-term performance.

Retrofits & Integrations

In many ways, retrofits and integrations are the most rewarding work we can do for you. Payback is often the fastest, and the optimization opportunities are the highest with 20, 10, or even 5-year-old automation systems. 

Regular preventive maintenance is essential to maintaining the highest level of performance and value. This is due to smart building technologies beginning to degrade almost immediately after you install them. When you ask Conexus to solve your problem, we first assess the situation by performing the following:

  • EnergyStar study to determine payback scenarios based on energy efficiency
  • Audit of overall maintenance costs
  • Absenteeism, production, and performance issues based on indoor air quality and comfort

After establishing a baseline, we evaluate your existing technologies to provide the best solution scenarios with the fastest payback. Conexus has extensive experience integrating legacy systems (such as Johnson Controls and Siemens) with modern, open, and non-proprietary technologies. This allows us to salvage many systems that others may offer to replace at significantly higher expense. We will not do the work if we cannot demonstrate a reasonable return on your investment.

When to Know It’s Time for an Upgrade

Upgrading your BMS is a strategic choice when you need modern features to meet your building’s goals. Targeted building automation system upgrades breathe new life into aging systems. They provide improved energy efficiency, enhanced analytics, and better integration without requiring full system replacement. 

Unsure if your system needs updating? Here are several reasons why facility managers choose to upgrade their existing system.

Improved equipment performance—It’s time to consider an upgrade when your BAS is sluggish or not as responsive as it used to be. An upgrade not only improves equipment performance but also optimizes energy management systems.

Fragmented Code—The computer code that powers the software of your existing BAS system can become fragmented over the years. This makes it challenging to incorporate new functionality from within the core system. It can take time for technicians and new developers to navigate. Modern BAS systems have open protocols and open-source software. This allows both developers and technicians greater control over system upgrades and installs.

Lack of Expertise—After a BAS system becomes obsolete, the number of technicians who can intelligently work on it dwindles. This often means that any new repair job can take much longer as the technician needs to “learn” the old system. Those new to the field have less motivation to learn older technologies because it won’t help advance their careers.

Advanced front-end software—If your BAS doesn’t utilize modern front-end software, you won’t be able to take advantage of cutting-edge reporting tools and business intelligence capabilities. Not to mention, modern systems offer access to BAS controls via a convenient, web-based portal. View your stats, metrics, and system performance securely from any web-based browser.

Break ties with proprietary systems—Many customers upgrade their BAS to free themselves from a legacy system. A proprietary BAS relies on a single manufacturer for servicing, repairs, and part replacements. You’re often limited to purchasing equipment from the original manufacturer, which may not offer the required functionality. Switching to an open system allows you to integrate any equipment brand for the ultimate freedom of choice.

Let Conexus Help with Your BAS Upgrade

Don’t let your antiquated BAS system hold you back. Maximize performance, increase tenant comfort, and gain greater control over your building with an upgrade from Conexus. Our experts handle the entire process from assessment to installation, delivering enhancements tailored to your needs and budget. Contact us today to maximize your system’s performance. 

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