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Building Automation SystemAt Conexus, we specialize in building automation upgrades that extend the life of your current system. An upgrade will provide you with access to the latest BAS technology.

Regardless of the age of your current BAS system, we can help with budget-friendly options that maximize performance and value.

Increase system performance, lower operating costs, and improve tenant comfort with a BAS upgrade from Conexus.

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Building Automation Upgrade vs. Replacement

Choosing whether to upgrade or replace a BAS is a difficult decision. Here are some important considerations when comparing a system upgrade versus a replacement.

Limited Spare Parts

Once a manufacturer stops supporting a particular BAS system, they also stop manufacturing spare parts. When a legacy building automation system breaks down, it can become extremely challenging to procure the necessary replacement parts. There is an aftermarket for some legacy parts. However, they often do not have the reliability of their OEM counterparts. This means that you’ll inevitably run into the same issue in the future.


Adding additional workload to your legacy BAS system can present several challenges. Many legacy BAS systems are considered “closed” in that they can only work with equipment made by the manufacturer.

The new equipment could be incompatible with your existing system. There’s also a good chance that your current system cannot efficiently handle, manage, or run newer equipment.


If your BAS technology is currently supported, there are likely a range of upgrade options. However, if your BAS is obsolete—that is, unsupported by the manufacturer—it’s time to consider a replacement.

System performance

Upgrading—along with proper servicing—significantly improves the performance and energy efficiency of BAS-controlled equipment. But there comes a point where updates and maintenance no longer help, and a replacement is the only way forward.


Ultimately, it may come down to comparing the cost of an upgrade against a replacement. Upgrading typically costs far less. However, if a system is already near the end of its useful life, a cost assessment could reveal that you’re better off replacing it.

Knowing When It’s Time To Upgrade Your BAS

Not sure if your building automation system needs updating? Here are a few reasons our customers choose building automation upgrades.

Improved equipment performance

When your BAS is sluggish or not as responsive as it used to be, it’s time to consider an upgrade. An upgrade not only improves equipment performance but also optimizes energy management systems.

Fragmented Code

The computer code that powers the software of your existing BAS system can become fragmented over the years. This makes it difficult to incorporate new functionality from within the core system.

Developers will often add front-end systems or middleware, and that significantly increases the system complexity. The result is fragmented code which can take an extreme amount of time for technicians and new developers to understand.

Modern BAS systems have open protocol and open-source software. This allows both developers and technicians greater control over system upgrades and installs.

Lack of Expertise

After a BAS system becomes obsolete, the number of technicians who can intelligently work on it immediately dwindles. This often means that any new repair job can take much longer as the technician needs to “learn” the old system. The newer generations of BAS technicians often aren’t too excited about learning about an “antiquated” technology that won’t enhance their career prospects.

Advanced front-end software

If your BAS doesn’t use modern front-end software, you’re missing out on cutting-edge reporting capabilities and business intelligence. Not to mention, modern systems offer access to BAS controls via a convenient, web-based portal. View your stats, metrics, and system performance securely from any web-based browser.

Break ties with proprietary systems

Many customers choose to upgrade their BAS to free themselves from a legacy system. A proprietary BAS relies on a single manufacturer for servicing, repairs, and part replacements.

You’re often limited to purchasing equipment from the original manufacturer, which may not offer the functionality that you require. Switching to an open system allows you to integrate any equipment brand for the ultimate freedom of choice.

BAS Upgrade Options

Conexus technicians have experience upgrading a range of legacy and open systems, including:

We work with our clients to implement building automation upgrades that pair their existing systems with smart building technology. Together, we find the best options to fit your budget and objectives.

Your Trusted Partner For Building Automation Upgrades

A building automation upgrade is a perfect solution to enhance an existing system with modern, open technologies. At Conexus, we have over 30 years of experience with BAS upgrades and replacements for legacy and open systems.

We’re committed to working together to find a customized BAS solution that fits your needs and budget.

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