Upgrading a Honeywell Building Automation System

Honeywell LogoUpgrade your existing BAS to avoid a costly total system replacement

Legacy Honeywell BAS systems struggle to keep up with the demands of today’s modern buildings. Building managers face many issues, including tenant discomfort, energy inefficiency, and security vulnerabilities.

Fortunately, it’s possible to upgrade your older Honeywell system by adding new Tridium or Distech components. This targeted approach allows for improved granular control to enhance your building’s performance.

At Conexus, our team of experts will assess your current setup and provide a custom and cost-effective solution. We’ll save you time, money, and headaches from completely replacing your system. 

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Benefits of a Honeywell BAS Upgrade

Upgrading from a closed legacy Honeywell BAS system to a modern and open one offers numerous benefits. For example, an open system allows for seamless integration with various building systems and equipment. The greater control lets you fine-tune your building’s performance, reduce energy consumption, and enhance overall efficiency. Adding Distech or Tridium open system components will allow you to meet targeted goals by selecting the optimal equipment.

Other benefits include:

Energy Efficiency

Maximize energy savings with precise temperature control, automation, and optimized system performance.

Tenant Comfort

You can adjust temperature settings for individual spaces or zones to meet occupant preferences.

Advanced Reporting

The robust analytic tool suite allows you to uncover hidden insights and make more informed decisions.

 Increased Security

Protect your building with the latest security technology updates and ongoing cybersecurity features.

BAS Integration and Upgrade Options

Honeywell automation systems offer many different options and integrations to fine-tune your building performance. For example, you can improve the comfort and safety of your occupants with the Honeywell Niagara Solution. It integrates with open native BACnet®, which lets you manage your building more efficiently. Modbus™, OPC®, LonWorks®, and Niagara™ all support the system.

  • Take advantage of real-time data and reporting
  • Improve energy efficiency throughout your building
  • Fine-tune multiple quality-of-life components for occupants

WEBs-N4™ Software Platform

Honeywell BAS systems include WEBs-AX and WEBs-N4. This enables you to manage the lighting, HVAC, and security needs efficiently.

WEBs-AX and WEBs-N4 solutions include:

  • Stryker Controller
  • Connected Software Solutions
  • Spyder Controller
  • WEBs-N4 Software Platform
  • WEB-8000 Controller
  • WEBs-AX Automation Controllers
  • WebVision Building Manager
  • WebStat Controller
  • Advanced RTU Retrofit Solution
  • CIPer™ Controllers
  • LCBS Connect™
A Honeywell controller

How the BAS Replacement and Upgrade Works

Many BAS contractors will automatically insist on complete and expensive system overhauls without investigating potential modernization alternatives. At Conexus, we leverage our years of expertise to uncover hidden upgrade opportunities and to provide a more cost-effective solution. Our engineers will analyze underperformance root causes and determine the best areas for targeted system improvements.

The upgrade process might involve refreshing controllers and software. For example, we typically reuse existing parts like conduit wire, actuators, relays, and sensors. This way, you avoid needing a completely new system and typically spend about 30% to 50% less.  

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How to Know if a Replacement is Better Than an Upgrade

An upgrade may not be practical or economical if your existing BAS is so outdated that it lacks support and infrastructure for new technologies. Deciding between an upgrade and replacement will depend on the system’s performance, integration potential, and cost-effectiveness. An expert assessment of your BAS system, current needs, and future plans is the best way to determine the right course of action. 

When to Know It’s Time for an Upgrade

Several key signs indicate it’s time to upgrade your aging Honeywell BAS system:

Obsolete Programming Language – Legacy Honeywell systems run on a deprecated programming language. This means it can only communicate with Honeywell brand equipment that Honeywell contractors service. You’re essentially locked into a single service provider and equipment. Upgrading allows you to choose from various service providers, equipment, and options that deliver the greatest value.

Current BAS Cannot Meet Your Needs – Buildings often undergo upgrades and improvements. A legacy Honeywell system could struggle to meet your current performance requirements. Switching to a newer BAS system will allow you to fine-tune performance and reach your goals.

Lack of Options – Your legacy Honeywell system provides little regarding available upgrades, equipment, or options. Conexus is a brand-agnostic independent contractor who will work closely with you to find the best solution.

Security Threats – Older systems don’t offer much in terms of updated security protection. Hackers and cybercriminals specifically target these buildings as they are much easier to break into. Upgrading provides your building with the latest security measures, system updates, and critical data encryption.

Lack of System Memory – System memory ties directly into building performance. Older Honeywell BAS systems often lack memory for the equipment of today’s modern building. If you’re noticing errors, slow system performance, or cannot install add-ons, it’s time to upgrade.

Slow or Poor Performance – The lack of analytics, inability to fine-tune energy usage, and no automation can severely hamper the performance of your building. Sluggish system performance usually indicates the building automation system’s components cannot communicate or process data quickly enough for daily operations. Upgraded systems that include BACnet/IP protocols can transmit data much faster. 

Let Conexus Help with Your BAS Upgrade

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