Upgrading a Johnson Controls BAS

Johnson Controls BAS upgrade logoBuilding Automation Systems (BAS) enable facility managers to have centralized control over such quality-of-life features as ventilation, lighting, heating, fire systems, and more. This allows the manager to optimize for energy efficiency while maintaining a pleasant and safe work environment for the building occupants.

Many legacy BAS systems have limited and very basic energy optimization controls and lack the advanced capabilities of a modern system. Over the past few decades, BAS systems have evolved to meet and serve the various needs of facility managers, tenants, and building owners.

Upgrading your legacy Johnson Controls BAS to a state of the art open system from Conexus, Inc. provides you with access to a wealth of features, such as:

  • Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Graphical web-based front end
  • Better equipment controls
  • The ability to upgrade a legacy Johnson Controls system partially or entirely—thereby allowing much more flexibility.

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Johnson Controls BAS Upgrade Benefits 

Upgrading a legacy Johnson Controls BAS to an open system from Conexus, Inc. allows you to add equipment from any manufacturer to the system. Conexus utilizes a 3rd party Johnson Controls driver to allow the proprietary equipment to communicate with the new open server. This makes the proprietary system open.

When you upgrade your Johnson Controls BAS system, you’ll get a wealth of new features, functionality, and customizable options for analytics and equipment control, such as:

  • Powerful, front-end analytics that allows you to uncover hidden insights
  • Removing the requirement to replace proprietary unsupported components with more proprietary controllers.  Ability to use standard available products helps ensure reliability
  • A wide range of equipment control options to optimize for energy efficiency
  • Expanded vendor selection for maintenance and service
  • Enhanced cybersecurity features to protect your building, data, systems, and occupants
  • Improved troubleshooting options that help save both time and money

Upgrading your legacy Johnson Controls BAS to a an open system from Conexus, Inc. will help bring your building up-to-date with modern standards while future-proofing the system.

Installation Options

The upgrade path for a legacyJohnson Controls BAS system depends upon your current controllers. The controllers on older Johnson systems (e.g., JCI DSC-8500) and other completely outdated models are not upgradeable, and it’s better to replace them completely.  Depending upon the condition of your existing controllers, we will recommend complete replacement, phased replacement or simply replace controllers when they fail.

For older systems that run the proprietary JCI Metasys N2 protocol, you can upgrade your BAS front end with an open Tridium Niagara platform system and Johnson N2 open communications driver.

How to Tell When it’s Time to Upgrade?

Legacy BAS systems can add several layers of complexity when it comes to managing a facility. Limited functionality, outdated interfaces, and lack of optimization features make it challenging to optimize a building’s performance while maintaining a comfortable environment for tenants.

There are several ways to tell when an upgrade is absolutely necessary:

Security Concerns

In 2013, a refrigeration contractor accidentally left a “back door” open that allowed hackers to access the corporate system of Target. This resulted in a catastrophic and expensive data breach. Legacy building automation systems are just as vulnerable, as they are often no longer supported or updated to modern-day security standards.

Deprecated Programming Language

If your system uses equipment that runs on a deprecated (obsolete) programming language, it’s often extremely challenging and expensive to find a qualified technician to upgrade and provide support. Over time, those technicians become fewer and fewer until you may find it impossible to locate someone who can work on your system.

Poor Building Efficiency and Performance

Legacy BAS systems don’t have the features and tools necessary to optimize the efficiency of your building. As time goes by, your equipment begins to get older, more inefficient, and it becomes extremely challenging to optimize your building’s energy usage.

When upgrading legacy systems, Conexus offers a building automation system retro-commissioning.  Retro-commissioning will highlight issues such as failed sensors, actuators, relays, and incorrect sequence of operation.

Evolving Operating Needs

Your building or facility has most likely undergone significant changes and improvements over the years. New tenants, renovations, and other additions can put a real strain on the performance and abilities of your legacy BAS system. If your current system lacks the features you need, then it’s time to consider an upgrade to a more modern system.

What You Can Expect from Conexus

A Building Automation System is highly complex and requires an installation contractor with the right expertise to set it up and ensure everything runs smoothly. When you choose Conexus to install your Johnson Controls BAS system, you can expect:

  • Lowered energy costs thanks to advanced programming
  • Improved efficiencies with automated features
  • An intuitive interface that allows for easy equipment control
  • Flexible settings that provide for improved occupant comfort

Upgrade Your Legacy BAS System to Johnson Controls Today!

A Johnson Controls BAS upgrade will help lower energy costs, reduce equipment downtime, provide a consistent user interface for system users, improve overall security, and provide a more comfortable experience for building occupants.

At Conexus, we have decades of experience helping building owners upgrade their legacy BAS systems.

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