Upgrading a Siemens Building Automation System

Siemens LogoUpgrading your old Siemens Building Automation System (BAS) enables you to optimize your building, improve security, and provide occupants with a more comfortable work or living environment.

Legacy BAS systems run on antiquated technology that often offers less functionality and are usually soon-to-be unsupported software.  An upgrade will result in a powerful and cutting-edge system that allows you to enhance energy efficiencies, improve quality of life, and future-proof your building for many decades to come.

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Benefits of a Siemens BAS Upgrade

An upgrade from a closed legacy system to an open one means that you’re not stuck with using Siemens-brand equipment. This enables you to choose controls from any manufacturer that more closely matches the needs of your building and its occupants.

It will also help lower service and maintenance costs thanks to technology and features that let you proactively identify and solve minor issues before they become major ones. You also can select from a much broader range of BAS service providers.

There are many benefits to upgrading your Siemens BAS, including:

  • Improved cybersecurity features that protect your data, occupants, and building from attacks
  • Uncover hidden insights through powerful web-based analytics
  • Choose from a wide range of equipment from many different manufacturers
  • Optimize your building’s energy consumption

Options and Integrations

Your legacy Siemens BAS uses the Siemens P1 and P2 communication protocols. This proprietary system only allows you to use Siemens-brand equipment, service, maintenance, and parts.

Siemens provides a path to upgrade from your legacy “Insight” front end to the more modern “Desigo” front end software. You can still use your old proprietary drivers (Apogee 600 TEC) as they are backward-compatible.

If you’re looking for more functionality and flexibility than your current closed Siemen system provides, you can upgrade to a Tridium Niagara N4 open system. You’ll need to replace the legacy Siemens controllers with ones that can communicate an open BAS front end.

At Conexus, we can help you upgrade the following Siemens legacy systems:

  • Desigo PX driver
  • Sys 600 driver
  • Siemens Desigo front end software
  • Siemens Insight front end software
  • Apogee 600 TEC driver

How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade

There are several ways to tell when it’s time to upgrade to a modern BAS system:

Legacy system doesn’t meet your requirements

Your current Siemens system has limited functionality and controls. This means it can struggle to keep up with modern-day building and occupant needs. Many buildings will also go through upgrades and improvements over the years. Legacy BAS systems often can’t keep pace with modern building updates and upgrades.


From ransomware to data theft and everything in between, a modern BAS system can help protect against cyber threats through regular software and hardware updates. The manufacturer may not support your current legacy system, leading to gaping security holes that negatively impact your building and occupants.

Slow or poor performance

Older BAS systems were built with the technology of that era—which often means they have limited system memory. This can slow your reporting or data gathering down to a crawl and increase errors or prevent the installation of important BAS addons. Legacy systems also can’t fine-tune and optimize for ideal building performance. 

Limited equipment options

Your closed legacy system only allows you to use Siemens-brand equipment and controllers. This makes it very challenging when it comes to choosing the optimal equipment to meet the needs of your building. An upgrade to an open system enables you to select from any manufacturer.

Outdated programming language

The Siemens P1 or P2 programming language is obsolete and restrictive. It can only communicate with Siemens equipment and be maintained by Siemens service providers. Locating replacement parts for legacy systems is also a challenge, and you’ll never be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest in BAS technology.

Let Conexus Help with Your Siemens BAS Upgrade

At Conexus, we have over three decades of experience installing and upgrading building automation systems. We will work with you to find the optimal upgrade solutions to help achieve your goals and stay within budget. Improve energy efficiency, increase occupant comfort levels, and optimize your building’s performance with a Siemens BAS upgrade from Conexus.

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