Upgrading a TAC/Schneider Building Automation System

Breathe New Life into Your Existing BAS

Upgrading your outdated TAC/Schneider building automation system (BAS) gives you more control over your facility. Modernizing key system components maximizes efficiency, improves functionality, and increases occupant comfort levels.

At Conexus, we specialize in helping our customers upgrade their legacy TAC/Schneider BAS systems. Our highly experienced team will conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing infrastructure before recommending a customized upgrade.

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Benefits of a TAC/Schneider BAS Upgrade

Your legacy BAS system can only communicate with TAC/Schneider brand equipment. These restrictions make it a “closed system” due to its proprietary programming language and protocols. A closed system severely limits your ability to select and install equipment from other manufacturers to meet building goals.

A Schneider Electric or TAC BAS upgrade allows you to choose equipment from any manufacturer without worrying about compatibility issues. You’ll gain access to important automation control features, such as graphic displays, intelligent algorithms, and powerful reporting.

Other benefits include:

Advanced Analytics

Harness robust analytics and reporting for data-driven decision-making and predictive insights.

Improved Control

Gain greater command of all systems and enhance your oversight and adjustment capabilities.

Increased Reliability

Reduce reliance on obsolete devices, parts, and software to boost stability and uptime.


Upgrading an older legacy BAS is only 30-50% of the cost of an entire new system.

BAS Integration and Upgrade Options

Your legacy TAC system has Vista front-end software connected to a Xenta controller, which uses a proprietary TAC protocol. The result is a closed system. However, there is good news—we can install a go-between controller, such as the Tridium JACE. 

This workaround allows us to upgrade your front end to the more modern Niagara. We also won’t need to replace the much older TAC Xenta controllers.

Tridium Jace Controller

A Tridium JACE Controller from TAC/SchneiderOptimized for Niagara 4, the Jace controller maximizes performance with its quad-core processor, double storage, and RAM. 

It leverages Niagara 4’s enhanced HTML5 interface, robust security, improved device management, and data visualization capabilities. 

The Jace enables efficient global control and seamless upgrades with its backward compatibility and flexible wireless options.

How the BAS Replacement and Upgrade Process Works

Unlike competitors who insist on total system replacements, Conexus takes a targeted approach to revitalizing your building management system. Our experts thoroughly analyze your existing infrastructure to identify areas needing modernization. We then develop a customized upgrade plan that leverages your operational conduit, wire, sensors, and other salvageable components.

By replacing outdated controllers and software, we breathe new life into your system while avoiding unnecessary costs and disruptions. Our upgrades utilize an array of state-of-the-art automation technologies from leading brands. We’ll enhance specific capabilities like efficiency, connectivity, and analytics without requiring a costly rip-and-replace of your entire BAS. 

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Should You Upgrade or Replace?

Choosing to partially upgrade or fully replace your building automation system depends on various factors. A partial upgrade might be suitable if the existing system has functional components that align with current needs. Additionally, an upgrade is often more budget-friendly, costing 30% to 50% less than a full replacement.

A full replacement might be the best choice if the current system is outdated or incompatible with new technologies. This choice provides a clean slate, allowing for implementing the latest advancements in building system automation.

Signs It’s Time for an Upgrade

There are a few key indicators that will let you know it’s finally time to upgrade:

Security Issues—A significant downside of using a legacy TAC/Schneider BAS system is the lack of support from the manufacturer. Your system won’t receive security patches, leaving it vulnerable to online attackers who could cause harm. A modern BAS system gets regular security updates that help keep unauthorized users out.

Deprecated Programming Language—The outdated programming language in your legacy TAC/Schneider system makes finding a qualified technician difficult. Repairs, preventative maintenance, and upgrades can be challenging for someone without experience. A new BAS system uses a modern programming language that’s simpler to work with and offers more flexibility when making changes.

Poor Energy Performance—Your legacy ​​TAC/Schneider BAS system cannot fine-tune performance, which can significantly impact energy efficiency. A modernized system allows easy tweaks and changes to improve energy usage while ensuring occupant comfort.

Lack of System Memory—Your legacy TAC/Schneider system came with the bare minimum memory needed. Running out of memory causes the equipment controls, reporting, and other systems to slow to a crawl. A modern BAS system has all the memory you need to ensure smooth performance.

Increased Needs—As time goes by, the needs of your building increase. New tenants, upgrades, and renovations can make your legacy system outdated. As such, it may struggle to meet the demands of your building. An upgrade to a modern and open system serves to future-proof your BAS for many decades.

Partner with Conexus for Your BAS Upgrade Success

With over 30 years of experience under our tool belts, Conexus specializes in upgrading legacy TAC/Schneider BAS systems. Our solutions open the door to a more modern approach, enabling you to efficiently manage and optimize your facility. We’ll work closely with you to create a system upgrade that fits your building’s needs, budget, and occupants.

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