Upgrading a Tridium (Niagara) Building Automation System

Tridium Niagara logoYour legacy Tridium (Niagara R2 or AX) Building Automation System (BAS) runs on outdated technology that was once cutting-edge for its time. The goals and needs of today’s buildings require a more modern BAS system that delivers centralized control of HVAC, security, lighting, and other critical systems.

A Tridium BAS system upgrade to an open system from Conexus allows the facility manager to fine-tune and make the necessary adjustments to increase energy efficiency, improve tenant quality of life, and work to help create a future-proof system.

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Benefits of a Tridium BAS System Upgrade

Legacy Tridium Niagara R2 or AX BAS systems run on obsolete software and parts. As such, it’s very challenging to maintain, upgrade, and service them. Not to mention, finding a qualified technician who can work on those systems becomes harder over time.

By upgrading your old system to a more modern one, you’re taking advantage of the latest and greatest in BAS technology, such as powerful and in-depth reporting that will help uncover hidden insights that enable you to save energy while improving tenant comfort. 

There are many other benefits you’ll gain when upgrading your legacy BAS system:

  • Improved security and protection from cyber attackers
  • Cutting edge controls that replace unsupported components
  • Regular software optimization and security upgrades
  • HTML5 interface, no need for JAVA web applets 
  • Cutting-edge front end analytics that allows you to fine-tune your building

Tridium Integration and Upgrade Options

When it comes to maintaining your legacy Tridium BAS system, you’ll often find that your controllers and software are no longer supported. Sourcing replacement parts that are no longer manufactured can also be extremely challenging and time-consuming.

If you’re currently using JACE 300, 600, or 700 series controllers, or you’re upgrading your NiagaraAX front-end software to Niagara4 or later, you’ll need a JACE 8000 device when upgrading.

The JACE 8000 series offer a wide range of performance, accessory options, and flexibility benefits. 

Tridium Products We Can Upgrade:

  • JACE 200 series controllers
  • JACE 300 series controllers
  • JACE 400 series controllers
  • JACE 600 series controllers
  • JACE 700 series controllers
  • NiagaraAX front end

How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade

There are a few ways that you can tell when it’s finally time to upgrade your old BAS system:

Insufficient equipment options

Your current Tridium system requires you to use Niagra-brand controllers and equipment. Essentially, your hands are tied when choosing the optimal equipment that can help meet your needs. Upgrading to a more modern and open system gives you the flexibility to choose the ideal equipment from any vendor.

Current system can’t meet your needs

Over the decades, buildings will often undergo changes, additions, and improvements that can make legacy BAS systems struggle to keep up with occupant and energy consumption needs. Furthermore, you can’t fine-tune an older system, which can have a significant and negative impact on energy efficiency.

Limited system memory

Older BAS systems came with sufficient internal memory for that era—but as time goes by and building requirements change, these legacy systems can struggle to keep up due to a lack of available system memory. You’ll often notice your system becoming sluggish, or running reports and analytics tends to slow to a crawl.

Security issues

Legacy BAS systems that the manufacturer no longer supports are easy targets for hackers. An upgrade to a modern system can help protect your data, building, and occupants through regular software updates and security patches.

Let Conexus Help with Your Tridium BAS System Upgrade

With decades of experience under our tool belts, Conexus can help you upgrade your legacy Tridium system to a more modern and open BAS. We specialize in working closely with our clients to create customized solutions that solve challenging problems while remaining within budget. 

Improve the comfort levels of your tenants, increase energy efficiency, and take advantage of the wealth of features and benefits that a Tridium BAS upgrade will offer your building. Click below to learn more about the advantages of upgrading your system through Conexus

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