Master Systems Integration

Maximize Your Building’s Potential

A Master Systems Integration engineer optimizing HVAC equipment in a building.

As your Master Systems Integrator (MSI), Conexus thoroughly analyzes your building systems to recommend optimized interactions and configurations. 

We ensure that all technical systems work together flawlessly, adhere to the project’s specifications and meet IT security needs – from software and graphics to thermostats, lights, and everything in between.

Our consultancy provides ongoing value through services and tools that reduce costs and elevate operations. 

Let Conexus help maximize your building’s potential with our expert Master Systems Integration services. We’ll optimize your systems for seamless efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and an improved user experience.

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Benefits of Master Systems Integration

Realize the full potential of your building with Conexus Master Systems Integration services. We help you unlock performance, maximize efficiency, and build secure, compliant capabilities. Our integrations adhere to strict technical standards and meet all IT security requirements. 

Other benefits include:

Simplified Operations

Seamlessly integrated systems enable intuitive, centralized control over entire building operations.

Enhanced Efficiency

Unified technologies optimize equipment performance, reduce redundancies, and lower costs.

Actionable Insights

Robust analytics services provide data-driven visibility to allow more intelligent decisions.

Forward Compatibility

Continuous upgrades maintain the flexibility to integrate the latest innovations seamlessly.

What is a Master Systems Integrator?

A Master Systems Integrator checking the interconnected HVAC components on top of an office building.A Master Systems Integrator (MSI) specializes in unifying and managing complex building systems into one cohesive, optimized solution. 

We integrate critical technologies like security, metering, HVAC, lighting, and access control. This unification enables intelligent automation for performance, efficiency, and comfort.

Conexus works closely with our clients to implement best practices and develop a system master plan that includes:

  • Standards for graphics and databases (alarming, trending, scheduling, etc.)
  • Specifications that enable integration of disparate building systems through coordinated communication protocols
  • A platform that can easily integrate to “internet of things” platforms, whether cloud-based or at the edge
  • Project administration
  • System commissioning
  • System security

Conexus will provide you with the essential data and services to ensure the long-term success of your interconnected building systems. 

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When Is It Time to Call a Master Systems Integrator?

Issues like an unresponsive thermostat or glitchy key-card access often indicate more extensive and complex problems in your building. 

A Master Systems Integrator can pinpoint and resolve the root causes of these symptoms and more. We also provide valuable expertise in many other situations, such as:

  • New building construction projects
  • Existing building renovations or expansions
  • Integrating new technologies into legacy systems
  • Inconsistent performance across integrated systems
  • Difficulty generating actionable analytics and reporting
  • Suboptimal energy efficiency and high operating costs
  • Security system malfunctions or connectivity issues
  • Poor temperature regulation and tenant comfort concerns
  • Lack of holistic data and visibility into operations

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Why Partner with a Master Systems Integrator?

Overseeing the numerous technologies and vendors involved in today’s sophisticated buildings can prove challenging for building or facility managers. A Master Systems Integrator like Conexus is also your project manager. We coordinate sub-contractors and suppliers to deliver a unified solution.  

Engaging Conexus early in your project planning allows us to optimize infrastructure integration based on your requirements. 

This upfront cohesion provides advantages like reduced construction and lifecycle costs, improved management capabilities, and better service and maintenance through integration.

Throughout your project, we field verify designs, investigate vendors, procure subcontracts, and provide value engineering to control costs. Our coordination ensures system specifications integrate with the planning, design, installation, testing, and commissioning phases.

Conexus remains invested in your success through ongoing maintenance, monitoring, upgrades, and support. Our forward-thinking roadmap helps future-proof your building to adopt emerging technologies ahead.

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How Master Systems Integration Works

The process starts with our team sitting down to understand your needs and goals for your building systems. Conexus then develops a comprehensive integration plan tailored to your requirements. This plan details the optimal software, hardware, and network infrastructure to unify your systems.

Next, we procure all necessary components and execute the meticulous integration work per our detailed specifications. Throughout construction, we collaborate to ensure the solution follows a well-defined plan and satisfies your objectives. Once deployed, we conduct thorough testing and provide end-user training to ensure a smooth transition.

Our partnership does not end there. Conexus continues adding value through ongoing maintenance, monitoring, upgrades, analytics services, and support. We stay invested in your success and help you adopt emerging technologies. Our forward-thinking roadmap paves the way for flexibility and future capabilities.

Service & Monitoring

Modern smart building technologies require support and preventive maintenance to perform optimally. Conexus’ Support Clients enjoy discounted rates on parts and labor and priority dispatching for service calls. For those clients who allow remote access, we can monitor alarms and troubleshoot your system remotely—saving the time and cost of sending out a service technician. 

Conexus offers a broad range of services, including:

  • 24/7 service
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Remote hosting services

Occupied buildings are dynamic – an iterative and continuous evaluation of solutions is required to implement and maintain the optimum performance. Our proactive maintenance, service, and monitoring programs help maximize uptime and prevent disruptive breakdowns. 

Conexus: Your Master Systems Integrator 

Conexus Master Systems Integration services will unlock your building’s potential and lay the groundwork for decades of seamless performance. Contact us below to discover the benefits of an integrated system tailored to your unique needs.

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