Solving Problems

Conexus seeks clients with a problem to solve. Our ultimate goal is a long-term relationship where we can leverage smart technology to optimize comfort, safety and efficiency and transform:

  • Learning environments for your students and faculty
  • Healing environments for your patients
  • Production environments for your staff
  • Reliability of mission-critical systems
  • Overall efficiency of your facility management staff


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solving problems

What problem can we solve for you today?

retrofits and integrations

Retrofits and Integrations

In many ways, retrofits and integrations are the most rewarding work we can do for you.

new construction & renovation

New Construction/Renovations

Conexus can offer the most value to you when we get involved early in your new construction or renovation project


master system integration

Master System Integration

High performing buildings are complex, and expertise is required to integrate all the disparate building systems into a single


Internet of things

Enterprise Level “Internet of Things” Platforms

Utilizing Distech’s Enervue, or Activelogix Periscope, Conexus can provide you with the breadth


unified solutions

Unified Solutions

Through our relationship with Distech Controls, an Acuity brand company, Conexus can offer you a unified lighting and HVAC control solution.


service and monitoring

Service and Monitoring

Modern smart building technologies require support and preventive maintenance to stay at optimum performance.

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